Hello all and Merry Christmas!

Been working all week to get that stupid new pet from the Winter Veil daily quest in Ironforge. And as luck would have it, I finally got it! Whoohoo! I may not be getting much this christmas but I got my pet darn it!


Had a great time in Raid Finder last night. Braccus, Yasuu, Ramshaft, and I were in awe of this one rogue from Lightbringer. After 2 hours of pain on Ultraxion, in this guy comes and carries us all the way to the end with his redonkulous DPS. 40K!!!!! Ramshaft and I were fawning over him. Appointed was his name. He was AMAZING! I wanted to keep him. After all that crap and not being allowed to kick bads out anymore….(Yes we Voted to Kicked so many times we were no longer allowed to use it) here comes the savior of the raid lol.

I hope everyone is having a great christmas. I’ll be spending mine with great friends and even greater family. I can’t wait to see my mommy. And yes I said mommy cause I will never let go of the “I want my mommy” stage. I loves her sooooo very much. Watch one day I will win the lottery and buy her a house and take care of her and dad like they took care of me. But not before I make my mom do something wickedly crazy in public just to make me giggle. Yes I am that evil LOL. Love u guys have a great and safe Christmas!

By veemarshall

A Raid night in Edge of Insanity!


It was not a good night. We started out late casue now that Star wars is out we lost some raiders. We got 2 new people in the raid and I am liking the Shaman less and less.

First of all, this raid belongs to Forbas so WTF was someone else RLing it for him?

Second, we had a new healer that didn’t want to listen to call outs for healer CDs. There seems to be way too much chaos in this raid and the GM of EOI tasked me with at least bringing order to the healers. Organization! I know personally I need that in order to function at all.

Thrid, we have some DPS in our grp that do not seem to be giving it their all. I really want to see this raid succeed but it’s starting to become apparent that it may not unless we can get ppl to buckle down. I know I messed up a few times tonight but I admit my mistakes and try very hard not to repeat them.

Fourth,  We have a druid (Imlostagain) who really needs to work on bringing up his heals. Since when do u see a resto druid below a shammy!? One piece of blue gear is not going to make him that low. I really need to look at logs and see what can be done to help him improve. Maybe I’ll have him chat with Analogue.

Oh man I want to see this raid do well! What can we do to get ppl to improve? And if we can’t, can we replace them? I know certain ppl will not stick around if this raid does not shape up!

On a lighter note, we had a great big laugh tonight thanks to Duneheart. Apparently some ppl’s idea of a coherant sentance is greatly diminished.

By veemarshall

A Good Progression Night

Well we finally got Ultraxion down. We decided to 2 heal the boss with Analogue (Druid) and Kerick (Pally) healing. It could have been done with Me and Kerick but having a resto druid healing a druid tank there is a tanking CD that works with the 2 of them so it’s cool. I mean at least they let me try 2 healing with Kerick for once and it was great. It made me feel good that they at least let me try it. So they 2 healed it with Analogue getting the Red buff and Kerick getting the Green then the Blue buff. It took 2 trys cause the 1st time we tried it I was confused about Fading Light (Cause I’d enver gotten the buff) and wiped the raid, But once I figured it out I was good and 2nd try we got him down! I won the Off hand that dropped (Yay! My 1st piece in Dragon Soul!). One day I will figure out how to link items on this page from WoWHead but meh.

I had a strange moment in healer chat tonight. Kerick said she likes me. I really thought she hated my guts. But apparently I was wrong. It made me smile. maybe there is hope for actaully making friends out of the people in this raid.

OH! And I ended up having to take an afk during our attempts at the 6th boss (Gunship or whatever it’s called) Casue my roommate got trapped upstairs in the bathroom with no TP! LOL had to run to the store to rescue him! 😀

Once I got back one of our tanks had to go afk for like 30 mins so we just called it early. But overall it was a good night!

By veemarshall

Getting the Steam off my chest! QQQQQQ

So tonight we were down 2 very important dps and a tank in our raid. Thankfully Squishi, Misspukie, and Bocat filled in for us. we did pretty well, but I think alot of us were blanking out tonight. I know I was.  We did pretty well on the 1st 3 boss of Dragon Soul but seemed to stuggle a bit on the 4th boss. Evweryone kept wondering why we were dieing and finally i piped up that we were hitting enrage at the 8 min mark. Well we finally got her down and decided to put in a few tries for Ultraxion. I love the idea of this fight from a healer stand point. 3 healers get buffs from the dragon aspects Alexstraza, Ysera, and Kelcegos. So Red, Green, and Blue. Red amplifies ur healing by 100%, Green distributes all direct healing evenly throughout the raid and blue gives you haste by 100% and Crazy mana regen. Our healing comp is Disc Priest (Me), Holy Pally (Kerick), and Resto Druid (Analogue). Now I don’t really know how to play druid or pally but I’m jsut guessing here that the combo for this fight would be better as Red–Druid  Green–Pally  Blue–Priest. OH! Or maybe a good combo of Red–Priest Green–Druid Blue–pally! That might work! But we tried Red–Druid  Green–Priest  and Blue–Pally. It wasn’t working for me I am disc and my play style is not a direct healer. I rely heavily on procing Divine Aegis, Which heals by absorbing damage. So I asked for Blue back. The haste gives me the abilty to get Aegis on all toons in time for the damage so that it can be absorbed. I AM NOT A NORMAL HEALER! I predict the damage and mitigate it before the damage hits. THAT’S IT! Maybe I need to be a better priest but this is how I was taught and how I run my priest. It feels like I can never get anyone in that raid to understand that. Pallys heal tanks! Druids heal raids. And I can do both depending on the fight and it’s mechanics.

I get so aggravated with this raid. First of all I really believe the only reason I am in the raid is cause I am friends with the Raid Leaders. I think the other 7 ppl would be happy to be rid of me. I’ve heard them making fun of me thro the vent being qued. I don’t know if they do it on purpose but it still hurts a girl’s feelings ya know. Alot of times anymore I start wondering. Why even try? Maybe I should just quit and make them happy. But I don’t cause I really enjoy raiding with Analogue and Reversion.  Shoot I love raiding with all of them but I feel like such an outcast that I can’t really enjoy it. I guess that’s how it is to raid with Crits and Giggles.

On the other hand, I am also in a guild called Edge of Insanity. They treat me very well here and I do not feel like an outcast. I feel like I can be myself and make those jokes and have fun. I love hanging with them. I’m on the raid’s 3rd team. Who cares if it’s 3rd. I know what you’re thinking. OMG C team? U guys must really suck. Well this guild has so many great members that we need 3 10 man teams! They don’t enjoy 25 mans and that’s cool with me cause I hate them. But I have met so amny great people in this guild. The GM MagicRhino is funny and sweet. My raid team (the ones I know) R great. Duneheart, Forbas, Paparouch, Skille, Varahna, Artemishunt. I love these guys. Not too mention just the awesomeness of the ppl I’m getting to know. Heb, Blazzin, Risho, Xiata, among so many others. I feel like I belong here.

Maybe I should give up raiding with Analogues grp and just transfer my priest. I don’t know. I know that I am happy in EOI and I know that I feel like the freak noone wants in Crits and Giggles. I know that I can be myself in EOI and I know that the people in C&G r a lil too….I don’t even know how to describe them. Kinda mean? At least that’s the wave I feel directed at me. Like I’m so disliked that everything I say needs to be ignored. Awkwardness. That’s it. That’s the feeling I get off them cause I feel so out of place. I mean my god! EOI is 4th on server and they treat me like family. They don’t act like they r better than anyone else and work to make everyone feel included. C&G? Well this raid team prolly could care less if they knew how I felt. They’d prolly be like Plz quit. And I hate that! QQQQ How do I change the way I feel about this? I’ve no clue.

But whatever I’m QQing because I am perpetually the outcast and quite sick of fighting and struggling with this feeling. I have to get it all off my chest or I’m going to kerplode. I think the worst part is that I really do want to be excepted by the C&G raid. I shouldn’t care but I do and no matter what i try to do it doesn’t seem to make a difference. AHHHH low self esteem why do u plague me so?

Meh I’ll be working on this page for the next few weeks till it looks like I want it to. But meh Have a good night all

PS Maybe one day i will learn to type without so many typos but alas I am too lazy to go thro and fix it. HAHAHA READ MY BAD TYPING AND GRAMMER AND KNOW DESPAIR!!!!!

By veemarshall